About Us

Welcome to our Boutique! We want to tell you a little bit about us so you know exactly who you are choosing to buy from. We are grade school friends and founders of Keweenaw Klass Boutique. We were born and raised in Hancock, a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After graduating high school, attending college, and obtaining degrees, we decided to venture down a different path. Starting our Boutique will allow us to be at home for our children. Erin is a wife, mother and has a Legal Assistants degree. Amy is a wife, mother and has a degree in Nursing. Erin has a daughter and Amy has two sons. We chose the name Keweenaw Klass Boutique because we wanted to incorporate something from where we live (Keweenaw) and we hope to provide elegant, stylish clothes (Klass). We are excited to bring you our online Boutique where everything is just a few clicks away. It is our goal to provide to you great customer service, low prices, and quality items. We hope to offer something for everyone. We take pride in our Boutique and want it to be a great shopping experience for all of our wonderful customers. Happy Shopping ❤️

Erin Hauswirth and Amy Stevens